Our claw mark on the world

Too often we see girls ride alone, and we wanted to make something special for them. The result was Cats on Wheels, a festival where girls on bikes can come together and have fun, share knowledge and experiences, and bond over a mutual interest: Bikes!

SUper cool festival intro yes we love it. Yappa dappa make festival yoooo, that's what we wanna doooooooo


Our vision. Cats on Wheels aims to unite women on motorcycles, big or small, and be a natural place where we can share and learn and enjoy our mutual interest.


Ride bikes

We love to ride bikes. Big and small, short and far. Alone and together.


Ride together

With Cats on Wheels we want to unite girls riding and make the main event of the year where we come together and ride together


Have fun

It's not all about bikes though, we want to nurture the market as a creative arena where we can join together in fun of all sorts!

Cat Crew. Team work makes the dream work!

Nina Smørsgård

Festival manager

Åshild M. Bang


Christina Mile

Head of finance

Lina Grenaker


Katta Skorupska

Party planner