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Cats on Wheels is a volunteer organization and everything it takes to host the festival is done by volunteers. We are looking for suitable brands to sponsor us to help us make the magic happen!

What the girls have to say about Cats on Wheels - Why what we do matters!

Cats on Wheels is a great place to experience the motorcycle culture up close. Here you can meet a lot of amazing, bad ass, female bikers and make lasting relationships!

- Eva S.

Cats on Wheels is different than any other event I know of. It inspires and makes me wanna learn new things and get to know new people

- Filippa K.

Cats on Wheels is the place to be for female motorcycle enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. The community at Cats is safe and including and as a woman rider I think it's great to get together and explore, share and learn together in an informal "come as you are" type environment

- Åshild B.

One of my favorite parts of Cats on Wheels is that everyone you meet is there for the same reason. To ride with other amazing badass females, to explore, have fun and make new bounds. On a motorcycle. On a board. Can't wait to see even more females looking for new amazing adventures this year!

- Iris S.

Cats on Wheels is the refined sum of everything good connected to being a woman on motorcycle – a welcoming and supporting community, lovely and laidback people, and lots of fun and shenanigans

- AC

Did you know motorcycling is dangerous. It shouldn't be done by sweet girls like you

- Old guy at gas station